To our customers, Regarding the Fish Measuring Products

From the time we have launched our series of Measuring products from July 2014, we have received many inquiries regarding the proper use of these products. We have compiled the most frequent request and have created a page to explain how to use these products in detail.

“Tsuri-Bit” Hapyson Head Lamp Advertisement

“Tsuri-Bit” Hapyson Air Pump Advertisement

LED Underwater Lure Lamp Advertisement

Depending on the region, there are times when the use of lighting as a fishing tackle equipment is limited. It has been determined for each prefecture, so we ask that you observe these rules and manners.
For more information, please refer to the information in the “State Fisheries Adjustment rules” stated in the Japan Fisheries Agency website about recreational fishing.
Please refer to the use of fishing gear and fishing methods (the sea fishing only) ".

Turi Vision『Gear Station』


Kattobi! Ball Product introduction
May 9,2015 On Air

How to Use the Hapyson Electric Fish Hook Knotter

How to use the Hapyson Line Twister

Wakasagi Reel Fishing
(Tsuri-Bit in Lake Yamanaka)

Fish Measuring Application Introduction
(Gear Cllection#425)

Turi Vision『Gear Station』
November 15, 2014 On Air

LED Underwater Lure Lamp YF-500

Fishing Show OSAKA 2015

The Osaka Fishing Show was held February 7th and 8th ,2015.
Please check out the video to see what the Hapyson Booth looked like!