• タコ寄せライト

    Octopus Gathering Light

    Catch octopus with LED light!
    Sunlight and light of the LED reflect diffusely to a reflection sheet attracts octopus.
    Comes with a replacement reflection sheet and easy to replace.
  • 充電式エアポンプ

    Rechargeable Air Pump

    No more need for extra battery!
    The automatic switching function can save a lot of battery life.
    Easy to charge by micro USB cable.
    Low battery notification.
  • チェストライトミニ

    Chest Light Mini

    Its weight is only 30g, light and easy to wear.
    3 different color -- pink, red and white.
    Rechargeable by micro USB.
  • ライトゲーム用ラインツイスター

    Line Twister for Light Game Fishing

    Speedy and easy to tie MID knot!
    For PE 0.1 lb. to 0.8 lb./Leader line 2 lb. to 16 lb.
    Stable strength.
  • 充電式チェストライト

    Chest Light

    The battery life is 15 hours with 50lm of brightness. (In low power mode)
    Stable and fit for body.
    10000lx/600lm in boost mode. To lit up object to 500m ahead!
  • 充電式チェストライト

    Rechargeable Chest Light

    More bright, light and user friendly!
    It is super comfortable to wear it.
    Rechargeable by USB port.